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A Woman Inherited This Old Safe from Her Great Aunt and What She Found Inside Is Stunning

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When a person passes away, they often leave their precious belongings to their family members. In some cases, the inheritance will consist of family photo albums and heirlooms. In other cases, the inheritance is more valuable such as the family home or an expensive jewelry collection. Whatever a person inherits from a family member, it is always special. The inheritance is something that they can use to remember their loved one forever.

A woman in Germany inherited a home from her great aunt. The woman's aunt had fled from Russia and ended up settling down in Hamburg in the '40s. When the woman started going through her great aunt's home, she found an old safe. It was in horrible condition. The woman could tell that it was old and she was sure that it told a story. A woman inherited this old safe from her great aunt, and what she found inside is stunning.

When the woman saw the safe, she was intrigued immediately. She wanted to see what her great aunt had inside. Fortunately, she didn't have to do too much work to get the safe open because it had a key. When she put the key in the lock, her heart stopped in her throat. She could tell by the condition of the safe that it hadn't been opened in decades. She knew that she had to see the secrets that the safe held. She had no idea that the secrets that the safe held were about her family's dark past.

When the woman opened up the safe, it was empty. She knew that there had to be something more to it. Why would her great aunt have held onto this safe for all those years if it was empty? When the woman looked at the size of the safe and the depth of the inside, she realized that there had to be a false bottom. It just didn't make sense that the interior of a safe so large could be so shallow. When she lifted at the bottom of the safe, she realized that she was right.

When the woman opened up the false bottom, she was speechless. The safe was full of books, letters, and pictures. These were things that her great aunt had never shown her these things before. She was sure that what was inside would tell her some amazing stories about her ancestors.

When going through the safe, the woman found a copy of the book, Mein Kampf by Aldof Hitler. She looked inside and found that this copy was published in 1943. She was surprised by what good condition it was in. She was sure that this historical book, however grim, would be worth some money. It turned out that the book was worth about $350 to collectors.

She also found a first edition copy of Rob Roy by W. Scott, and it was a first edition. It seemed as though her great aunt knew that these books would become valuable over the years. She also found a copy of Lady and the Tramp. It had some discoloration so it wouldn't be worth too much. The different books showed the woman that her great aunt had many different tastes when it comes to literature.

What made the safe even more valuable to the woman was the photos that she found inside. They were very old, and they really pulled on her heartstrings. She found one photo of a family. She was sure that the child in the middle of the picture was her grandmother. She also found a photo of her grandfather riding a motorcycle.

There were a few items in the safe that piqued the woman's interest, but she wasn't too proud of them. They were proof that her family had a dark past. There were pictures of two boys who she could tell by their clothing were part of the Hitler Youth movement. She also found a few postcards with Nazi government stamps.

When the woman opened up the safe, she didn't know what to expect. Sure, money and jewels would have been great, but she was still happy with what she found. She was able to learn a lot about her family. Even though her family had a dark, controversial past, she was able to find out about her ancestors. If it weren't for her great grandmother, she never would have been able to see family photos. She also got to know her aunt a bit better by seeing the books that she read and reading her postcards. She says that inheriting her grandmother's safe was like looking through a window into her past. The safe may not have had much monetary value, but for the woman, it was priceless.
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