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Mark Kulek Live Stream - Going Out (doing stuff) | #61 | English for Communication - ESL

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Today's Live Stream - talk about Denmark, Collocation - apartment, Going Out (doing stuff with friends).

For today's main topic - Going Out. We will start with this conversation: Dan! This is Mark. What's up Mark? Wanna grab a bite to eat? Yeah, sure. What do you have in mind? Do you know that new barbecue place in town? Sure, I do. I've wanted to check it out since it opened. Well, let's go there. Sounds good to me. Then we will discuss arranging times, invitations and responses. We also talk about activities and categories.

Collocation - Apartment. We will practice some of these words that are used with apartment. For example: a large apartment, a spacious apartment, a cramped apartment, a cozy apartment and more

We will talk about Denmark, do a matching activity and do a dictation (you will need a pencil and paper).

As always, I will take a picture of the whiteboard so that you can take a closer look after watching the live stream today. Thank you for joining me today.

We will do a conversation from Mark's book - 50 Very Short Conversations - http://a.co/d/cGhZybm.

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Please have fun and speak English now!
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