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Mark Kulek Live Stream Lesson - Happiness | #97 - English Practice - ESL

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Today's Live Stream - Happiness, Phrasal Verb (answer), Picture Speculation, Guess What It Is, May I ...?, phonic practice (dr, ar, ir, gr) and short conversation practice. *Mark Kulek does Live Stream Lessons every Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday at 10 a.m. - all times are (Japan Asia/Tokyo)*

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Talking about Happiness: for today's activity - We will discuss some aspects of happiness, like: joy, interest, positive emotions, life satisfaction, appreciation, infrequent sadness. We will do a vocabulary matching activity and a dictation activity.

Dictation cards and shadowing practice - May I ... ?

Lolly's Revenge - Joe - Hi Sue! I've been working on some goals lately. Sue - What goals? Joe - Goal one, I want to loose some weight. Sue - How are yo going to do that? Joe - I'm going to eat less and exercise more. Sue - What are your other goals? Joe - Goal two, I want to work less. Sue - How are you going to do that? Joe - I'm going to start my own business. Sue - Usually, people who have a business work very hard and many hours. Joe - Yeah, that probably won't be a good idea. Sue - Any other goals? Joe - No, I'm still thinking about some other ones. Sue - Good luck Joe! Joe - Thanks Sue.

Phrasal Verb - answer. answer to, answer for, answer back

50 Very Short Conversations (showing surprise) - Did you just rob the bank? Don't tell anyone. That's not good to do. I know, but I'm broke. You should take it back. But I need it. Pattern -It's bad to _____ . Have you ever done something bad?

Modal Verbs - ability: can/could possibility: may/might/could/can necessity: must advice: should obligation: must/have to future: will/shall asking for permission: informal - can / formal - may / polite - could / would

As always, I will take a picture of the whiteboard so that you can take a closer look after watching the live stream today. Thank you for joining me today.

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