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This Woman Got a Spy Camera to Watch over Her Dog and She Saw a Creepy Image of a Mysterious Girl

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Thanks to technology, we can hook up cameras in our homes and watch what is happening from our Smartphones. Today, you can check in on your teenage children while you are at work, you can see what your pets are up to while you are away, and you can see who is coming up to your door before you even get up.

Sandie Kaplanis worried about her elderly dog. Amber is a 14-year-old Labrador. Not only is she old, but she is also suffering from kidney failure. Since Sandie couldn't be home with Amber all the time, she wanted to find another way to check in on her when she wasn't home. She decided that a security camera would be great.

Shortly after Sandie decided that a security camera could help her worry less, her son bought her a Vivitar Smart Camera for Christmas. She was thrilled. Finally, she would be able to see her precious Amber. The camera that her son bought her would face Amber and Sandie would be able to watch her. Best of all, it was easy to set up.

Sandie used the security camera for several weeks without any issues. It was great. She could concentrate on work more knowing that her precious Amber was safe and sound at home. Everything was fine, until one day, something bizarre happened. She picked up her phone to look in on Amber, and she saw something that she never expected to see. This woman got a spy camera to watch over her dog. Then she saw a creepy image of a mysterious girl.

When Sandie checked in on Amber using her Smartphone, she got the shock of her life. She didn't see her precious Amber. Instead, she saw a small child sleeping in a crib. She couldn't figure out what was going on. The little girl was in a room that wasn't in Sandie's home. In fact, she didn't recognize the child or the house. She couldn't figure out what was going on. She had used the camera many times. Each time, she saw Amber on the screen. Seeing this sleeping child on her screen blew her away.

Sandie wanted to get the little girl off the screen and Sandie back on so she logged out of her camera app and logged back on. Still, the little girl was there sleeping. Sandie continued to try to fix the issue for 24 hours, and nothing seemed to work. Each time she logged on, she still saw the sleeping child. It wasn't even a live recording. It was a still shot of the sleeping little girl. Sandie was very confused.

Sandie couldn't get her cameras to work so she called Vivitar customer service to fix the issue, but they had no answers for her. They sent her new cameras to replace the old ones, but they couldn't explain why she saw the little girl on her camera and not Amber.

Sandie got her new cameras, but she was still worried. If she was able to see someone's sleeping child with her camera, she was wondering who could see her with theirs. She wanted people to know what happened to her so that they could protect themselves. For Sandie, the idea of people seeing her on their cameras was unsettling.

According to Deveren Werne the Vice President of Liquid Video Technologies, the issue that Sandie experienced was due to the frequencies that the cameras communicated on. He says that the cameras that you can buy at Best Buy or HH Greg are wireless, but they are all wide open. This means that they have no security. He says that these cameras are cheaper than most, but there is no security to keep people from seeing each other's cameras. He says that having a good system professionally installed is the best way to prevent others from seeing you on their cameras.

Seeing other people on your camera isn't the only issue that you can experience with inexpensive, self-installed security cameras. Time delays are also an issue. One woman put her baby down in her crib, and five minutes later, she panicked when she saw someone walking out of the nursery carrying her baby. It took a minute for her to realize that it was video of her with the baby and there was a long time lapse. Another user reported hearing someone talking about growing up in Africa over her security camera. These issues are a reminder that there are issues with inexpensive, wireless cameras. If you want security, it is best to go with a top of the line, professionally installed camera.
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